Better late…

Thank you, Finland, for this vision of the elf.

Thank you, Finland, for this vision of the elf.

So this is ridiculously untimely (I am untimely, these days), but Seth found a weird holiday movie this year, Rare Exports, in which Santa is an ancient and imprisoned evil and his henchmen the elves are an emaciated band of naked and violent old men.

This got us thinking about what holiday movies we will share with Otto, and it’s sad to think that this one will have to wait a long, long time. It’s just not kid-friendly, in the sense that it basically undermines the American mythology of Christmas. But it is kid-friendly in the sense of treating its child characters with generosity and intelligence. I know I’ve read interviews with Maurice Sendak before in which he talks about how necessary the scary is for children, and how they shouldn’t be coddled with falsely sweet stories.

Sweet stories, ugh. We got some really lovely children’s books as gifts at my baby shower, but I was surprised later to realize how many of these lovely books are really written for the parent and not the child. As I sappily shed a couple tears during the Nicholas Sparks-worthy saccharine fest that is Love You Forever, I vowed never to subject Otto to it again. There are far too many good kid’s books out there. Here’s a list from George Saunders.


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