New year, new stats


Apropos of nothing. (By Jane Mount. Click for link.)

Something amazing has happened. Four nights ago, we graduated the baby from our room to his own. Like all baby-related milestones, I greeted this with mixed emotions. I miss having him a foot and a half from my bed. I miss waking up to the sound of him cooing to himself and sucking his fingers. But I’m not going to lie – I am so freaking relieved to have my bedroom back.

I am writing – writing! – and reading – reading! – again, openly, with no more surreptitious crouching behind a half-opened laptop or by the squint-inducing booklight I bought several months ago. I kind of miss our white noise, but our bedroom is pitch-black again and I can waltz in and out without fear of disturbing the little guy. It’s really hard to underestimate the value of these small pleasures, all of which represent a slow recapturing of ground lost in the battle for the new normal.

Anyhoo. It’s a new year, and in celebration of that, WordPress kindly sent me a year-in-review thingy about this blog. Bubble porn searches continue to drive the most overall traffic, resulting in huge numbers of disappointed young Mormon lads. Sorry boys. It’s so funny how something I wrote about a Cynthia Rowley collection two years ago continues to linger, for all the wrong reasons.


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