Conspiracy theory

This documentary is showing free of charge next week at the UA. Someone sent me a promo poster and a news release, neither of which revealed anything about the film, leading me to believe that there’s something fishy about it. So I went to watch the trailer.

Ohhhhh. Conspiracy theory! Of course. Seth and I both have soft spots for this type of stuff, dating back to, or perhaps defined by, a mutual interest in The X-Files during our formative years. If he’s the Mulder (who wants to believe), I am the Scully (minus the religion part).

He used to listen to Coast to Coast with Art Bell late at night, and I bought one of Art Bell’s books (autographed!) as research for an essay once. I think I gave the book to a thrift store, ‘cause it was actually kind of embarrassing to have on the shelf…strange airbrushed cover art and lots of silliness there about “the quickening,” a phenomenon of acceleration Bell observed in society and technology that he viewed as catapulting us toward some dramatic endgame. Now he’s gone bamboo with his internet bride and young child…I wonder if life has slowed down for him.

I guess what appeals to me about conspiracy theories is how credulous we can be, and how much we long for narrative sense in a senseless world. The particulars of the Thrive documentary don’t interest me too much; the torus code reminds me of the coded device in Contact. And when has any exercise in “following the money” revealed anything positive? Thrive just strikes me as a very eccentric – and probably very entertaining – vanity project.

I won’t be attending the screening. But maybe one night, if we’re really bored, we’ll shell out the $5 to watch it online.


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