A short compendium, perhaps of interest

Here is my bad habit. Click for the Roald Dahl essay in which he maligns my beloveds as "fondant-filled horrors." Jerk.

I read the excerpt of Charles Duhigg’s  book in The New York Times a couple weeks ago; last week the story was name-checked on the Colbert Report, and this morning the author was on NPR, sharing the same Febreeze anecdote. So it seems to be a thing, as we are all anxious to change our bad habits, yet seemingly powerless to sustain the change. The material about Target’s analytics department is of course very interesting, but it’s hard for me to read that content and not crow about how little they know of me. OR DO THEY KNOW ME ALL TOO WELL? It is Seth who gets their mailers. They don’t bother sending them to me because I never use coupons and thus, they have me right where they want me.

Point the second: I felt vindicated seeing this piece on Slate’s XX blog today about the passing of Jan Berenstain. While Hanna Rosin is just a bit harsh (“good riddance”? really?), I have long loathed the insipid Berenstain Bears, possibly dating back to my own childhood. They have an unappealing wholesome squareness and are drawn to look both sleepy and doltish. These are not bears I want to spend time with. On this topic, I am probably in the minority, as I am with my ongoing dislike for Girl Scout Cookies. The girls themselves are great! But the cookies, blah. Especially everyone’s favorite, Thin Mints, which seem to me to be coated in brown wax.

And in conclusion, a musical interlude.


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