The first time I heard this, I thought immediately of the Pixies: the song is what I can only assume is a loving tribute.

How else to explain the pitch-perfect Frank Black delivery? And there are moments where there’s a clear cue for Kim Deal to be yelling in the background. I love it for these reasons.

An aside: way back a bajillion years ago, when we got our very first MP3 player, I recall using WMP or perhaps some lame proprietary interface of the player in question to rip a Pixies CD. I thought it was really funny that the interface had a separate “composer” field and that Pixies songs were, accordingly, attributed to Black Francis. It’s the juxtaposition between his name and the kind of over-blown descriptor of composer that really got me. The iTunes all-encompassing “artist” just seems more straight-forward.

Anyhoo. In honor of Black Francis, a bit of post-apocalyptica from his Catholics days.

Album version here, though I just can’t make it through fan-made videos like this with lyrics transcribed.


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