Lack of resolution

It's demoralizing to wear ratty clothes day in and day out. I ripped a hole in the crotch of these pants yesterday...good riddance.

I’ve never been one for resolutions: too often they are like diets, overly ambitious and ultimately unsustainable. I vote for permanent, incremental change every time.

In lieu of proper resolutions, Seth and I have been assigning ourselves a word to thematically encompass our hopes for what the coming year will entail. For instance, “progress”– but virtually any broad word would do, because it’s easy, retrospectively, to point to events that resonate with that word. We are always looking for patterns. The whole horoscope industry seems to be predicated upon just this sort of system – throw words or phrases or characteristics out there and people will self-identify the points of resonance. (I hasten here to point out that this does not stop me from reading my own daily horoscope.)

Now that I have raised the specter of horoscopes, I’m also bound to point out that we are coming up on the Year of the Dragon. Yes! Seth and I are both dragons. So this is our year, right? Right?

Progress. We have not yet moved into the new house, but the clock is ticking for us to be out of the old. It’s not lack of will, it’s the vast amount of work that we’re trying to complete. On New Year’s Eve, I insisted that we take a break and go have a nice dinner, which we did. But I did not completely enjoy it. It felt a bit like fiddling while Rome burned, only, you know, with an in-tact conscience.

Le sigh. It is not my intention for the blog to become a bitching ground related to the move and the renovation and all the other stuff. (Though for the sake of bitching, please allow me to declare, whole-heartedly, my loathing for Lumber Liquidators. I loathe them not because they offer bad product or bad service, but for completely irrational reasons. This duo of hippie sales guys, with their stupid facial hair and useless advice…gah. And now it seems I may have to go visit them again for a countertop! I’ve made kind of a bitch of myself over there. They must despise me.)

In any case, I anticipate that this will be a slapdash kind of place for the next couple months. Once I have a kitchen and two functioning bathrooms, things will be much better.

It’s kind of absurd how much I’m looking forward to going back to the office tomorrow.


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