Demo queen

It looks a fright now, but will be fabulous soon. I took out the cabinetry in the foreground.

My writing productivity is shot, presumably just for the short term…we just closed on a new house Tuesday. Of course by “new,” I just mean new to us. It’s a 50s ranch in the neighborhood just north of ours, and it needs a metric ton of work. Which is why I am so completely zonked tonight.

Seth stayed at the old house this weekend working on a big project, while I sallied forth to begin demo on the main area we plan to update before moving in, the kitchen. I’d hoped to be farther along tonight, but stripping the cabinets is a real bitch. I’ve made middling progress on this, one of the most important steps. I blame the “safer” stripper I’m using, some kind of citrus product. At first it seemed to be doing OK, but it’s up against four or five coats of paint. There’s two whites, a cream, and, to my surprise, a dark green, which I presume to be the original color, as green is an accent in the original tile. Sorry original tile. I’m gonna kick your ass tomorrow. Did you see how I took down that kitchen WALL today? Yes. I am the demo queen, and no tile can stand against my will, even though it may inexplicably be adhered to the wall with ¾ inches of mortar.

Anyhoo. There’s so much that needs doing in this place. There’s another wall I want to take down, one we were pretty sure the owners added. An exploratory foray into what we thought was ductwork in this wall turned out to be a baffling space filled with improvised insulation including a dirty king-sized pillow. Many are the delights and mysteries of an old house. I may yet take down that wall on my own…it is in what we’ve been calling my writing nook, but may become a sort of joint-use office, because I am magnanimous that way. Also, it’s a good-sized room.

If my blogging drops off in the coming weeks, it will be because I am too tired to write, or because my hands have suffered too much collateral damage. Tonight they’re covered with little cuts and I have a strange blood-streaked thumbnail, a remembrance from the putty knife, which cut me loose unexpectedly as I was scraping paint off a cabinet. Depending on how things go, I may post some before/after type pictures here. Such is the state of the befores that we will automatically look like badasses, even if what we get finished is unimpressive. But it will be impressive! I know it.


2 responses to “Demo queen

  1. I love reading about remodeling. Can’t wait to see the AFTER picture!! Good luck!

  2. Thanks! Hopefully I’ll have stuff on the soon side. I’ve about had it with scraping off ancient wallpaper residue.

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