Separation anxiety

I imagine this is the typical post-bacchanalia scene.

Due to some schedule changes – and the fact that Petra is now free to leave her crate during the day – Banjo has been having some huge issues at home. While we’re at work, he ravages anything he can find around the house. And because he’s diabolically clever, he taught himself to open the kitchen cabinets. Then he pulls out the garbage can and he and Petra spread the contents they don’t eat throughout the house.

This has been going on every day for a little over a week.

I took a Google crash course in separation anxiety this evening and devised a series of actions to curb Banjo’s issues. Apparently, most dogs hit this panic zone 45-50 minutes into being alone, during which time they go on a rampage. I think Banjo is both bored and anxious during this time. So I’ve cleaned out the lower kitchen cabinets so there’s nothing to ravage (including the trash), made a couple of mega-Kongs that I froze so they will take forever to consume, and purchased a couple of new toys which I will leave out one at a time on alternating days for the dogs to find.

We shall see if this makes a difference. I am so not interested in vacuuming more coffee grounds out of the kitchen rug.


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