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Jerry Saltz is a gem. He’s recapping the very reality show on which he’s a judge (Work of Art):

The artists are then split into groups. I love this, because I know I could never work with anyone. Neither can 99 percent of artists, who spend most of their time alone in their studios going nuts, doubting themselves, deluding themselves with grandeur, or masturbating.

Oh, Jerry. This is so awesome. I spend most of my time swinging wildly from one of the middle two to the other.

Harry Belafonte is fascinating and articulate and every place now that he’s got both an autobiography and a documentary out:

My first deepest moment in being touched by the power of art was when, in this little black theater in Harlem, we were given a play called Sean O’Casey’s Juno And The Paycock, by an Irish playwright. About something that was very familiar to us—not in the facts of its own existence in Ireland, but in the spiritual sense we felt, as black people, what the Irish were feeling in their resistance against the British. Thank God that it was written in Irish brogue, because my West Indian accent made it kind of easy for me to speak to the text. That was the play that Paul Robeson came to see, and he came to see that play because his friend was Sean O’Casey. He couldn’t wait to get back to Sean O’Casey to tell him, “Wait ’til you see what black people are doing with your Irish play in Harlem!” And in that context, he said, “You’re touching a nerve center. You’re touching a place where you become the instrument through which all people are made familiar one to the other. You’re taking diversity and turning it into a social harvest for the growth of your own imagination.”

Really fascinating stuff. As described here, it’s almost like the opposite of cultural appropriation—it’s about recognizing something universal in the specific and reframing it for a different point of reference. Maybe. I’m kinda punchdrunk at the moment and probably make much less sense than I think.

This is because in the last 48 hours, Seth and I submitted an offer on a house, which was accepted today after an unexpected period of handwringing brought on by a surprising second offer. We’re reeling. Excited and overwhelmed. Mostly because of all the work that needs to go into our current house to get it rental ready…and all the work that needs to go into the new house to get it aesthetically pleasing. We go for the inspection on Thursday, at which point we could walk away if we discover too many distressing details.


2 responses to “Mishmash

  1. Good luck with the house.

  2. Thank you, sir! The inspection is tomorrow.

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