We saw the other day that Work of Art starts up again on Bravo in a couple of weeks. Seth said, “I hate that show.” I was all, interrobang. Because we watched the first season religiously. But even as we were sucked into it, it annoyed him. His position is that subjecting artmaking to arbitrary parameters in a game show format cheapens and misrepresents what actually goes into the process of creating a work of art.

…I guess I can’t argue with that, but I will likely watch in spite of him (and probably with him).

In other news, it would not be right to let the day pass without failing to acknowledge that R.E.M. is no more. I want to feel more about this moment, but it has been so long since I have been an active fan. I fell off round about Monster (the album felt like a personal betrayal to me, but such is my age that it was their first tour I was old enough to attend…we saw them twice, and they were fabulous, the kind of performance chops I think of developing only after years and years and years of touring in a van).

These are for Seth.

That’s Rhonda! An artist!

Better live, I think.


2 responses to “Misc

  1. I haven’t seen the TV show so I’m just making assumptions here but I would assume that the kinds of artists who audition for a reality TV show are those who choose to exploit their art and creative efforts through the camera lens.

  2. Yeah, one of the first-season finalists apparently conceived his appearance on the show as a performance in and of itself. …but it didn’t hang together. Several of the first season participants were active in the comments sections of WOA-related posts on Art Fag City. It was pretty interesting to hear their takes on the why. Exposure was a key reason, obviously. It’s hard to make a living as a visual artist. …not unlike trying to make a living as a writer, perhaps.

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