Birthday sentimentality

How could you NOT adopt this guy?

I’m feeling kind of uninspired, blogging-wise. Probably this is just a phase: a couple weeks ago, I had all kinds of blog ideas. I haven’t even used all of them, it’s just that…eh. I’m directing my energies elsewhere. For example, the story I claimed I would turn in to the writing group I’m a part of. It is a ways away yet, and I’m not in the best form at present. Today is my birthday! So I’m sleepy after my dinner wine. Le sigh.

Perhaps because I was caught up in a sentimental, birthdayish mood today, enchanted by the discovery that, as a September 19 birthday, I was born on the cusp of Libra aka The Cusp of Beauty, a ridiculous and delightful invention of the astrological world, this video made me tear up a bit. All shelter dogs should be treated to glamour shots, damn it.

Via Jezebel.


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