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So. This came out a while ago, but I didn’t pay any attention because I do not like Bright Eyes or Connor Oberst. I got his solo album because it was recommended very highly. But I could NOT get into it. His voice and over-praised lyrics got no purchase in my cold, cold heart.

So it came as a surprise to me that I actually like this quite a bit. Of course my first thought was, this must be the Bright Eyes album that real fans despise. And that seems to be the case with Pitchfork, though NPR gave it a rave. Then there’s this useless-seeming AV Club review (who are these newer reviewers?? I couldn’t believe how atrocious this review of the new Gillian Welch was—one of the most egregious errors regarding her relationship with David Rawlings has since been corrected).

Anyhoo. Seth (who is so much not a Connor Oberst fan that he suggested maybe someone wrote Jejune Stars for him) suggested that this song put him in mind of Still Feel Gone-era Uncle Tupelo. I knew right away what he meant, but can’t decide if it’s more like Gun or Postcard.

Apparently they didn’t shoot videos for these songs. More’s the pity. There’s plenty of live vids but the studio versions better capture the quality that Jejune Stars puts us in mind of.

Also, sorry to Bright Eyes fans. Taste is subjective, feel free to hate on mine.


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