Yes, please

I caught this today here, and couldn’t help but notice a proliferation of similar videos, varying widely in editing quality from the half-assed (“Mama Mia”) to the surprisingly detailed (ie Animal’s contribution to “Closer”).

For someone who spends as much time online as I do, I was surprised that this meme escaped me when it was really active. The earliest one I can find is a 2007 version of “Yellow,” but Wikipedia points out that Fark used Beaker as a rickroll on April Fool’s Day 2008, which seemed to really kickstart the meme. (note: I would be remiss in not pointing out that Beaker would pronounce it mi-mi).

One of the reasons this appeals to me is because I’m old enough to have watched The Muppets when it was still airing. My older siblings called me Beaker on account of my red hair, and possibly also because I was a scrawny child. In fact, my sister still calls me Beaker from time to time.

In case you’re interested in the original broadcast version (“Feelings”), it’s here.


One response to “Yes, please

  1. Stupid and beautiful. Thank you.

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