I was going to post this without any real commentary, just ha ha ha, but I guess that’s lazy, no?

–          The use of the Elastica song amuses me especially; it’s hard to pinpoint why. I guess because I am old, and amusement is a kind of kneejerk response to nostalgia. The amusement is shot through with delight.

–          I met Mike Heidorn! It was after a Son Volt show in Tempe, back when he was still in Son Volt. He was really nice and signed my ticket. He may also have smelled strongly of pot. I don’t know why he’s a source on this story.

–          Kurt Loder should do a follow-up on Billy Corgan’s abuse of the internet. Billy Corgan is one of those types, like Ryan Adams, who seemed to discover it all at once and then let loose a torrent of poorly-punctuated communiques, which he still does, via Twitter. Ryan Adams still does this as well, on Facebook. I had to hide his prolific ass from my feed.

–          Finally, just as a cultural thing, 1995 was probably my first broad exposure to the internet. I recall finding really primitive band fansites via Netscape, getting my first email account, and using a prehistoric IM interface (S says PINE, but I don’t recall the name. I do recall ICQ, which maybe came later.).

Via Jezebel, from last week while I was away.


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