I’ve never been too good with names, but I remember faces

Aberforth Dumbledore.

…actually, I’m indifferent with both, but S is cunning. Today we saw the last Harry Potter movie and at its conclusion, he immediately observed that the guy playing Dumbledore’s brother was Ciarán Hinds, who we think of as Caesar from Rome, but is in a great many things.

Also, he asked if the woman playing the Grey Lady aka Helena Ravenclaw looked familiar, and in fact she had. Oh, he tells me, all smug, it was Llewelyn Moss’s wife from No Country for Old Men. AKA Kelly Macdonald, imdb tells me. Good call. I did not know she was British. But does he remember her from Trainspotting?

Then he pointed out that John Hurt was playing Ollivander, and I was all, John Hurt is British?!

…several years ago, we discovered that I cannot tell the difference between John Hurt and William Hurt. I mean, I realize that these men don’t look alike. For me the confusion is a combination of their identical last names and the fact that they both play interesting supporting roles in the films of theirs that I have seen. So it’s not like the Bill Paxton/Bill Pullman/Jeff Daniels thing, where I know the difference between them all but am left feeling like there’s redundancy. Jeff Daniels has a four-letter name and just kind of looks like the other two, but do we really need both Bills? Isn’t one enough?

Anyhoo. This kind of Harry Potter-related actor recognition shenanigan is not new to us. A long time ago – imdb tells me it was 2002 – we saw a trailer for a film called Wilbur Wants to Kill Himself. The female lead looked familiar. I asked S who it was and he said, “Oh. That’s Moaning Myrtle.” (Shirley Henderson, if you’re interested.)

Maybe Hurts John and William will be more distinct in my mind going forward, especially now that I realize John Hurt is British. I’m not going to count on it.


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