Shoe in

The light in both is really lovely.

I do love shoes, but my innate thriftiness – some may even say sanity – makes me wary of pairs costing upwards of $600. Even if I had a budget that would permit such extravagance, I couldn’t bring myself to “invest” that much, for a few reasons.

One, I am hard on my shoes. I cannot be bothered to wear driving mocs for the sake of my heels, so they get a little jacked. Two, the dogs are hard on my shoes. A few weeks ago, Banjo went batshit crazy and ate one of my boots. This is unprecedented behavior from him that I still don’t understand. Three, not to get all sanctimonious and judgey, but seriously: if you are not a celebrity/performer/product with a specific image to project, there’s something kind of craven and desperate-seeming about spending at this level of excess on this type of product, one with limited function (heels that inhibit mobility/meant to be worn for brief stretches of time—and this from a person who wears heels 75% of the time). It just strikes me as an attempt to compensate for some lack within, to assuage a spiritual bankruptcy. But you know what they say: you can’t take it with you.

Which…wow. OK then. That was a lot sanctimonious. But I don’t repent: the buyers and wearers – and designers – of such shoes have equal scorn for me.

Anyhoo. All that said, I have a real affection for artwork that reproduces or re-imagines other works. So I was pleasantly gobsmacked by the Louboutin Look Book with its artistic reproductions, which I first saw here.  This is the first blogger I found who sourced all the works, and I borrowed her side-by-side above. Jezebel published a thorough slideshow of other recent examples of fashion appropriating classical art earlier today.

As appealing as I find the conceit of this Look Book, I have to confess that I would not wear any of the products, budget aside. That little leopard purse is ugly. The black and white booties are gorgeous, but I wouldn’t wear them. I’m not avant garde, fashion-wise, so the booties with the fur sprays don’t work for me. I think the gold heels and the lavender are both kinda vulgar. None of this stuff would fit into my closet! Isn’t that a relief? No need to pine.

I’ve been thinking about consumerism of late, especially as concerns a great many blogs I read, and if you can stand the stuffiness and sanctimoniousness of it all, I’m formulating more thoughts for some future entry. But I’ll try to temper the rage with other stuff. You know, like nine-year-old boys Vogueing.


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