The good with the bad

Fishline bullet holes; behind the scenes on The Godfather:

I got an email notification this morning that my diploma is in the mail.

Q: Are everyone’s going out now, or does the email coincide with the fact that on Monday, I FINALLY got around to dropping off the hard copy of my manuscript to the creative writing dept? It is possible that they were in fact holding my diploma hostage, a situation that would have troubled me more if a) I had realized it was happening and b) I was the sort of person who had been waiting anxiously for it.

Which is not to say that I’m not happy it’s en route. I will be thrilled to put it with my undergrad diploma, which is right over…hm. I don’t know where that bad boy went. I’m sure it’s around somewhere. My new boss has all his diplomas up in his office, including high school, which is charming, but I guess I like to hide my documents away.

Anyhoo. On this auspicious day, I also got a rejection from a journal where I submitted a story AND a new pair of running shoes: the good with the bad. That great pic above is from a photo set here of behind the scenes shots from assorted films, via Swiss Miss. The Sesame Street one is pretty cool, too.


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