The shame spiral

I genuinely, unironically like Kevin Bacon's hair here.

We wanted to see a movie this weekend past, and S wanted to see X-Men: First Class. So we put off seeing Cave of Forgotten Dreams for the second weekend in a row in favor of light summer fare. It was a decision I think we both regret.

I mean, as S said: a menacing stripper with bug wings? Ugh. A little over halfway into the movie I leaned over to whisper to him that I thought the period-inappropriate character design for her (apparently an Angel/Wasp hybrid, if one cares about that sort of thing, which I don’t—WHY Zoe Kravitz?!) was silly and stupid. He agreed and told me we could discuss it after the movie. Burn! I am not usually a talker during movies, but, you know, I was bored.

And I wasn’t even the only one. Shortly after, this woman behind us leaned over and whispered to her husband, “I’m just going to run over to Target real quick.” WTF? I was bored, but not that bored. The woman did in fact leave, but eventually returned.

It’s too bad, because we like a lot of the cast, James McEvoy and Nicholas Hoult in particular. My childhood fondness for Footloose has translated into a long-term affection for Kevin Bacon, in spite of the Bacon Brothers. I apparently missed him on Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me this weekend, more’s the pity.

And then there’s this kid. The other during-movie talking I did was about him. S has this savant-like capacity to recall faces, names, and roles, but he was stymied. We agonized about it every time he showed up on screen. After the movie we looked him up. He’s been in three things: No Country for Old Men, The Last Exorcism, and Friday Night Lights. We do not watch the latter. I don’t remember him from No Country (he was one of the boys on bikes at the end).

So yeah, this little quest for knowledge led me down a shame spiral: in fact I HAVE seen The Last Exorcism. Le sigh. I guess I can argue that it was better than Gymkata? I’ve seen some crappy movies of late, people.


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