A collection of unconnected things

Leviathan by Anish Kapoor

  1. I’m gobsmacked by the installation at left, at the Grand Palais in Paris. I want to go to there. (This via Honestly…WTF, which I am really enjoying of late).
  2. Today I spent a bunch of time revising a story I thought would be a good fit for a particular journal, for which the submissions deadline was today. OR SO I THOUGHT. In fact, when I went to upload the finished story to their submission system, it was already closed. Vexing!
  3. So I read this earlier this week, and said to myself, Yes, my allergies are moderately troublesome this year, but not so troublesome as to warrant pharmaceutical intervention: neti pot!  Anyhoo. I have never had any issues using the neti pot, but it is a curious sensation. I think to really experience its benefits, one needs to use it regularly, which I do not.
  4. Thor. We went to see this today, thanks to the strange freedom of not having a looming deadline. I was not excited about it at all, but agreed to go after it got decent reviews. It was not bad, though from a story-telling perspective, there were at least one or two scenes missing from the middle to explain a) the love story and b) the unwon humility. S said that when they started on about the rainbow bridge, he thought of that silly unicorn game. Just think how much more exciting the movie could have been with selectively-deployed Erasure!
  5. This slide show of Elizabeth Taylor and her hairstylist Maury Hopson chilling at a Florida “fat farm” in the late 70s really delighted me when I saw it online earlier this week.

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