In the shit

Adaptation. Liking the Breuer chairs.

Unbelievably, the semester is almost over. For much of it, I’ve gone around with this lax attitude, which is why it’s not surprising (but still jarring) to suddenly find myself in a morass of deadlines and assignments. What?! Oh yes. All of that work I knew was coming? It’s here.

Even as recently as Friday, I was smugly congratulating myself for having made it through the most taxing of my work deadlines, only to come home and realize that easing work stress does NOT equal easing school stress. I have to turn in a story revision on Tuesday, a five-page something on Wednesday, my novel – well, I don’t know when, exactly – but soon! And an essay of about 15 pages or so, of which I have four.

Anyhoo, all this bitching is by way of introducing a period of uncertain blogging, likely to include a) lazy posts of youtube clips sans commentary, b) unexplained silences, c) paragraphs-long excerpts from class projects posted out of desperation, d) grammatically questionable screeds thrown out there late at night, e) all of the above, or f) unusually thorough entries on legitimately interesting topics – the sure sign that I am once more in the throes of that seductive beast, procrastination.


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