Summer shoes

A horrible thought occurred to me a few weeks ago: I might be too old to wear flipflops all the time. GASP! For me, this is tantamount to sacrilege. I mean, yeah, yeah, I’ve heard all the reactionist flap from people who consider them to be a substandard form of footgear, fashion-wise, and only suitable for the pool or the beach. Those people can suck it. Out here in this part of the country, many of us live in flipflops, nearly year-round. I will concede that it’s kind of gross to wear flipflops in an urban environment, but Tucson’s not urban. And it was 93 here yesterday, people.

Anyhoo. I own sandals of various types, but flipflops are what I return to again and again. At the very beginning of the summer last year, my “fancy” flipflops (ultra skinny strap, black patent leather) finally bit the dust, and I haven’t been able to find anything suitable to replace them. So now I’m considering other, sandal-adjacent options to bow to my growing suspicion that I need to accommodate my advancing age.

Last year, the appearance of clogs on assorted runways created this kind of repulsed furor on some of the fashion blogs that I read. This was funny to me…I lived in clogs 15 years ago. So I’m totally fine with their reappearance in the mix. I have my eye on the ones above, from Swedish Hasbeens, but they exceed my budgetary threshold by a considerable amount. However! They have done a capsule collection for H&M at a much more reasonable price, and will be in 150 stores worldwide come April 20. I do NOT expect them to be in the Tucson H&M, a real bummer.

So the hunt for a clog-sandal hybrid continues.


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