Travel itch

I want to go somewhere interesting. Soon. I guess maybe it is time to do my taxes? I saw this recently (from here):


And then there are these educational videos, which are pretty charming and lovely, even though I’m not a language exchange student and have no desire to travel under those specific circumstances.


(Not crediting where I saw that one; the blogger is a horrible writer. I have no patience for a supposed editor who chronically displays its/it’s confusion. Yes. I am what I swear was called a smitty in Sassy once upon a time…now the word has evolved in confusing ways. I use it to mean OCD grammarian, though you may find cause here to doubt it.)

Anyhoo, travel. I want to go somewhere interesting, but this is the year we travel domestically. We’ve been kicking around a series of destinations, but this is what happens, every time.

S: For a round trip flight we’re looking at $600 or so.

Me: What?! That’s ridiculous. Why not just go to the UK?

S: …

I think this year I’m going to have to suck it up, though. We’ll have a fine time, wherever we go. Even if it doesn’t involve changing currency and an eleven-hour flight.


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