Work v. play

I saw this earlier in the week, and apart from being amusing and cool, it made me think about the least-appealing tasks that I do on a regular basis, and what could contribute to making them “fun.”

– Seed the cat box with valuable objects for S and myself to find (but how to stop the cats from defecating on these objects?)

– Turn the cleaning of the house into some kind of game (actually, this kind of artificially-imposed fun sounds like a real drag to me)

– I am having trouble separating “fun” from “incentive,” ie, I think about how much I dislike folding laundry, and how quickly I’d jump to it if someone paid me.

– I’m running out of onerous tasks. Is it telling that my tasks are all cleaning-related? I love dearly having a clean house, but want someone to do it for me. S is not that person. Solution? Get a maid, or have a child. Or train Banjo? He’s devilishly smart.


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