The quantity v. quality debate

Scotty wrote a tremendous quantity of short stories.

Last weekend’s events delayed classes, which bought me a little more time to prep for the reading-intensive class I’m taking. I have two more things to look at for that class, and then I’ll be more or less prepared for the week. Last night, I forced myself to finish the short story I was working on. Tonight I’ll edit a different one, one I offered to turn in for workshop on the first day of my other class. And then, the novel.

I’ve been excited about a couple of different blog entries, as strange as that may sound, but I’m struggling with how long I can leave the blog dormant while I find time to assay the topics of interest, as it were.

After over a year of a regular posting schedule, it’s hard for me to let go of the commitment. And it’s hard to say what this semester will bring in terms of time. I think I will probably stick to W and Su, at least initially, but the answer, I think, is probably to conceive of some super-easy type of post as a recurring feature, ie a links list or a particular type of image, which would satisfy my obsessive need to fulfill the obligation without redirecting the mental energy I need to mull over and compose more substantial entries.

I have a way, though, of coming up with solutions that sound good in theory yet flounder when it comes to practice.


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