Secret window/something new

Killian inspects our work. Per usual, he fnds it wanting.

I am posting in the midst of a Tucson cold snap (34 degrees and dropping). Today I lounged around at my leisure while S completed a series of one-person tasks related to our tub surround tiling project. All day I’ve been waiting to spring into action, but the only contributions I made were sweeping up plaster detritus and updating him via phone on the leak/no leak status of the new faucet when he turned the water back on.

The best part of the project thus far was uncovering a secret window behind the composite material and backer board that the previous residents had installed. This secret window is a vestige of the original house, but was walled up when someone decided to enclose the Arizona room. We will honor it, as it were, by tiling into it to form a large shelf, a feature missing from the prior arrangement. I am so tired of all my products perching on narrow corners of the tub. And to put a nook anyplace else would entail digging into the original plaster, a pain in the ass by any measure. Yay window! How I love it.

The secret window, busted by accident.

On other fronts, I’m finally catching up to all the hullaballoo surrounding David Shield’s Reality Hunger, which has inspired me to start something new today. For me, the start of a new short story is LONG overdue. And if I don’t get this substantially completed before the start of the semester, I will face a dismal, terrifying workload, between my workshop, my craft class, and my manuscript.

I am, however, so glad to have this terror hanging over my head. Terror is a great motivator.


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