Insufficient resources for processing

My image search for DFW also turned up a pic of Adrian Brody.

Today, I was going to write something responding to, or riffing off of, this interesting excerpt of James Ryerson’s intro to the publication of David Foster Wallace’s undergrad philosophy thesis.

But I’m not delusional: this stuff is over my head.

It’s possible that I have some coherent thoughts to offer on a related set of topics more in line with my intellect and reading history. And I may yet attempt to compile them into an actual blog entry. But! That is not going to happen tonight. Instead, I’m cleaning house, wrapping a couple of straggling gifts, baking shortbread, working out, packing, etc. It’s my last paroxysm of holiday preparation.

I’ll be back sometime next week, perhaps to tackle the DFW stuff, perhaps not. In lieu of that, I offer the following, a holiday-inspired version of which appeared on Jezebel the other day. It’s weird on so many levels, I’m not sure where to start. I guess with the silence. And then the sword. After that, I’m at a loss.

OK. More interactive unicorn-themed activities here. Oh, my god…the soundtrack alone…


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