Nick Cave, sans seeds

I am old enough to have made mixtapes, which, thanks to the times and shifting mores of music consumption, have shifted to playlists.

(re: music consumption. emusic. I of course understand that they had to change their payment structure to ensure, you know, a profit margin. But this latest change may be the straw that broke the camel’s back for us.)

Anyhoo. I’ve been having trouble with playlists these days, putting a slew of things together and then only liking maybe 3-4 songs a lot and silently suffering through the rest. Or skipping. This is the latest such list, though there may only be 3-4 that I turn out to regret putting on. It seemed largely OK for the most part.

And I’m still bemused/confused about the presence of O Children in Harry Potter 7. But as you see here, I am embracing it. What can I say? It’s a great song.


2 responses to “Playlist

  1. What do you mean about emusic? your post is cryptic in that sense.

  2. I’ll get the whole chronology wrong with emusic, I’m sure. Seth joined like three years ago, and would get something absurd, like 60 downloads a month for $15. All independent music. Then they changed it to like 40 downloads. Then they signed with major labels and their library grew so it went down further while the price remained the same, but most albums were 12 credits regardless of the number of tracks (unless they were double albums). And now they’re basically using the iTunes model, .99 per song.

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