Suddenly November

Via Martha

All of a sudden, it’s chilly here. Today it was even somewhat overcast. Finally, at the tail end of the month, it’s starting to feel like November.

It seems appropriate, therefore, to do November-ish things, such as: seeing part one of the Harry Potter finale; digging out a couple of jackets I bought over the summer; wandering around the house wrapped up in a blanket; taking a short, late-afternoon nap.

I can’t believe this week is Thanksgiving already. My customary cooking duties include artichoke casserole, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce. Also this year, I’ll be making some sort of pie. I haven’t decided what, though. This, this, and this are all under consideration. So, definitely apple.

Such is the state of the weather – cold – and the light – almost dark – that I’m not anxious to take the dogs out for a walk this evening. Try telling that to them, though. We’ll go in a little bit here, and then I’ll settle in to do what I do regardless of the season: write. I’ve only got something like 14 pages left to write of this novel.

Huzzah, as I believe the pilgrims said.


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