NY Fashion Week

Photo Credit: Getty

I’m generally aware of fashion week as background noise to whatever else is going on in my life, and this year is no different. Certainly I’m aware because of Project Runway, this season of which I’m pretty engaged in thanks to a more dramatic cast than the last two seasons. (Seriously, can we forget that the last two seasons happened??)

Anyhoo. There is a phenomenal quantity of fashion week coverage online, everywhere one turns, which makes me wonder about the role of the lady mags in the evolving digital marketplace. Of course they’re all covering fashion week online, but once upon a time, they’d horde photos of the shows and then reflect them back to us months and months later.

It’s a changing world. And I’d reflect more on it if I didn’t have a shitton of writing left to do tonight!

Photo of the Cynthia Rowley show above posted to memorialize my kneejerk reaction of WTF in reference to the heavy lower-eye makeup.


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