Real estate

For a period of several months now, S and I have contemplated relocating. Where? We’re not quite sure. We have some ideas. We have a short list of contenders, of which there’s basically only one that we’re in complete agreement about (…it’s giving off the distinct smell of compromise, which is not a bad thing, despite the way it sounds).

When I was in Des Moines recently, we drove around the city a fair amount (well, West Des Moines, I guess) and I thought about how hard it was for me to tell a good neighborhood from a bad one (“Why,” my mother exclaimed in amazement, “the state of the lawn, of course.” Later, my cousin pointed to a lawn lushly carpeted in some kind of low, leafy greenishness. “Creeping Charlie,” she said, tutting. Confusion! Anything green constitutes a nice lawn to a desert dweller.).

When we were house hunting in Tucson, and when we eventually start looking again, my number one request is for a historic property. In Des Moines, I imagine, they have to request new properties. The streets are lined with homes built in the 20s, the 30s…over by the airport I was surprised to see a few 70s homes. I know there’s newer subdivisions, but a significant portion of the city is historic, from what I can tell.

I wish I could transplant a few of those homes to the desert.


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