True calling

I recently met a woman who loves fashion, lives fashion, breathes fashion. Circumstance has kept her from pursuing her true calling, retail. Hm.

The venue was such that I didn’t have the opportunity to question her, to try to uncover what’s really going on. Because to me, there’s a disconnect between fashion and retail. Fashion is an art, a creative enterprise; retail is business. How do you go from a passion for one to a stated calling in the other? It smacks of settling. Which is not to say that everyone who adores fashion wants to be a designer or a stylist or what have you. Maybe she just wanted to, in the parlance of Lucky, curate her own boutique.

Still. Is this a case of that damning maxim about those who can’t do, teach? Those who can’t design, sell? Am I actually the one implying that this false maxim could apply? Nice.

I’m going to blame ex-Scorsese spouse Julia Cameron for inspiring this line of thought. I’ve been reading The Artist’s Way, in which she talks about how creatively blocked people are often drawn to creative industries, without realizing that it’s because they are themselves unfulfilled artists. It’s an interesting thought, one of many interesting thoughts struggling to emerge from Cameron’s sticky, gooey prose.

I picked up The Artist’s Way as research for a potential small business idea, and have found it useful from that perspective, but not otherwise relatable. So I’ve been lax at best about the assignment portion of the book. I have been doing the Morning Pages and have found them occasionally useful for illuminating new directions for stalled stories in progress. But often I just find myself turning over the same kind of thoughts again and again, creating a record of my own neurotic echo chamber.

I’m not sure that this is healthy or productive, psychically or creatively. Forty years hence, dozens of messy, inarticulate notebooks in hand, would I find myself in a similar self-absorbed place as this woman?

Or! By virtue of this blog, am I already more than half-way there?


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