Streaming, gleaming, flaxen, waxen

Well, it’s come to this. My hair, uncut since May, has taken on a bedraggled and stringy aspect, compounded by Tucson’s approximation of humidity. It defies the round brush and the blow dryer. It sneers at products. It turns up at the ends and then frizzes out. It looks like ass.

This morning, I refused to play games with it. I slicked it all back in a bun with a couple of narrow headbands. My boss walked by, glanced in, and asked if I’d gotten it cut or if I just had it pulled back. I reported that it was the latter. He said he’d done the very same thing this morning. (He’s bald.)

How did I let it get this bad? My stylist has been on sabbatical, basically. In May, a different guy cut my hair, and I wasn’t wowed by the result. So I thought I’d wait it out. Then I forgot for a while, until one day I woke up and my bangs were practically down to my cheekbones, my roots were two inches long, and my ends had developed an unnaturally thick, straw-like texture.

My haircut is not until the 21st. Until then, it’s different iterations of back (bun, ponytail, bun, bun, repeat). Good times.


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