Perspectives on time

I found this series of ten-minute white board lectures produced by via d.Sharp journal. Each of the lectures is interesting, but I thought this one on time perspectives was particularly compelling, though I don’t think that ten minutes is enough to do full justice to Philip Zimbardo’s work in the area. (Zimbardo, incidentally, is best known for the Stanford prison experiment, the results of which inspired him to seek ways for psychology to help people, according to fail-safe source Wikipedia.)

What’s interesting to me is the way he’s depicted the coming “disaster” concerning Gen Y – he points out that the typical remedies to their failure to engage in school or the standard short list of societal no-nos (drugs, sex, etc) will fail to provoke the desired response because these people view time in a fundamentally different way than those who are leading the charge to “save” them. I hasten to point out that the preceding description is based on what I took away from this highly abbreviated summary of Zimbardo’s work. But it’s interesting enough to me that I may pick up the book, which came out last year without my having noticed it.

Le sigh. Yet another thing for the to-read stack. That thing is out of control. I might just have to force myself to learn some speed-reading techniques so that I can use my time a little better.


One response to “Perspectives on time

  1. I saw that video, it is interesting… In my cultural psychology class we watched videos by Zimbardo, but they were from the 70s or some other god forsaken era.

    also, i found this deal on speed reading a while back, and it all seemed reasonable:

    I started to try it, but it took effort to keep it up and I gave up…

    all and all it could be very useful.

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