Here it is, July 1, and as planned, I topped my 50K short novel word goal last night. I achieved this personal milestone with zero fanfare. I’m a bummer like that.

The thing is, I haven’t managed to conclude any of the major subplots. Well. That’s not entirely true. I got closure on one and achieved a major goal in another. That leaves four – two begun but not ended and two in process. So I’ll go ahead and write more tonight (and I suppose tomorrow). I think this project is on a good path, but damn it, I’m ready to work on something else for a change.

Much of fast novelling, in my experience, is wheel-spinning. I’m writing to discover, and I do discover, but the discoveries are deeply entrenched in garbage. This is fine: one just grows tired of trash after a while and is anxious to gather the discoveries and get to higher ground. In this context, higher ground = planning phase two, followed by the rewrite.

On a brighter note, two of my 1981 magazines arrived today, and I was reminded of a series of brands/products I’d forgotten all about: Jhirmack, Ten-O-Six, Bain de Soleil, Lane. Plus! A disturbing product called Gynecort that I’d never heard of and now am sorry to know about. It’s still in production! The magazines included interviews with Kevin Bacon (pre-Footloose) and Peter MacNicol (on the occasion of the release of Dragonslayer). One issue also included a young Whitney Houston modeling a baseball cap she got from her cousin.

Speaking of which: A couple years ago (maybe even just a year ago) I heard Frank Deford on NPR blathering about the novelty of baseball caps worn for other sports. Even women wear baseball caps now, he reported, amazed. Frank Deford makes me nuts. For the record, Deford, Whitney was wearing one in 1981, and I doubt she was the first.


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