Separated at birth

I found a link to India Hicks’s blog. Then I happened to be doing a Shiva Rea yoga DVD. What do you know? It turns out they are like identical twins. They’ve turned up in various media again and again, but I’ve only just made this connection.

Meanwhile. In the last few months, Mark Strong seems to be everywhere I look (Kick-Ass, Robin Hood (don’t judge)). Every time I see him,  I wonder when Stanley Tucci got so buffed out. It’s unnerving because he is at once so like and yet so unlike Stanley Tucci.

And of course…the reason I even thought to put this all together…Leonard Cohen and Richard Belzer, who were gracious enough to pose together so I wouldn’t have to cobble something together using my painfully rudimentary Photoshop “skills.” I’m clearly not the only one who thinks they look amazingly alike, though as S pointed out, it’s not just that they look like each other: they have similar personal style.


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