The good with the bad

I had a pretty unpleasant day today, which I channeled into an initial blog entry that ended up striking me as acid without being illuminating…on anything. Such an entry is best left to the scrap heap. Instead, I’ve decided to try and regain my equanimity through a series of unqualified endorsements.

  1. Snickers Ice Cream Bars. Yes! Snickers Ice Cream Bars. I love nougat, but ice cream is a worthy substitute. And unlike the standard bar, it’s got runny caramel that flows down the middle in a generous channel. It’s 180 calories, which isn’t bad, but if you have no room for that extra 30 calories, the Weight Watchers Ice Cream Candy Bar is an acceptable substitution.
  2. Antioxidant serum. Yes! Antioxidant serum. I used this fabulous Kate Somerville one for a while, but cheaped out when it was time to replace it and got this Philosophy one instead. It was good, too. I have seen a measurable different in my skin thanks to antioxidant serums. My skin is clearer and I’m taking it on faith that they are duly obliterating free radicals, whatever the hell that means.
  3. Pippin. Yes! Pippin. Not the Hobbit, but a Beagle who lives in our neighborhood. True to her breed, she sets to baying every time we see her out walking in the evening. As we listen to her going batshit crazy through the street, we feel better about Petra, whose terrible leash etiquette is an ongoing source of embarrassment. Some dogs are ill-behaved, and that’s just fine.

Speaking of Beagles, here is a great quote from Peter S. from here via Novelish:

There’s a phrase, “sitzfleisch,” which means just plain sitting on your ass and getting it done. Just showing up for work. My uncle Raphael was a painter, and he used to say, “If the muse is late for work, start without her.” You have to be there. You have to be there, and do it, and grind it out, even when it is grinding and you know you’re probably going to rewrite all this tomorrow.

  1. The Last Unicorn. Yes! The Last Unicorn. Not just Peter S. Beagle’s novel, but the film adaptation, which is thoroughly awesome as well. Except for America. Sorry, America. They don’t make children’s films like this anymore – apart from say, Miyazaki and the occasional outlier like The Iron Giant – and I don’t just mean the hand-drawn animation. This film has a sense of genuine danger to it that seems absent from children’s film today. Another great children’s film of my youth? The Secret of NIHM. Oh, it looks cute. But don’t be fooled. [side note: why can’t I make that 1 a 4?!]

So there, a series of endorsements, culminating in the warm glow of fond childhood memories. I feel better already.


4 responses to “The good with the bad

  1. It won’t be a 4 because it is a different thing, there is a paragraph between it, so it is a new list. if the paragraph was apart of the list it would be different, its a thing with html.

    BTW, I like your self affirming list, its cute (really)

  2. Yeah, yeah, I know WHY it’s not a four, but I should be able to change it, dammit.

    Have you seen the Secret of NIHM? I don’t recall your watching it before.

  3. No, nor have I seen the the last unicorn.

  4. What?! Sacrilege. We must remedy this sad state of affairs.

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