Fulfilling my own expectations

I almost forgot to blog today, so caught up was I in a haze of productivity. I finally brought the essay I’ve been writing for my researched memoir class to a close (…not a very profound close, mind you, but a close nonetheless). It’s a formal imitation of a Eula Biss essay, “All Apologies,” from Notes from No Man’s Land. Some of her essays are highly fragmented, and that structure really appealed to me. I wrote about mental illness generally, and my sister specifically.

And! I brought my mad diaper cake making skillz to bear on a creation for a friend’s shower on Saturday. A few years ago, I discovered a latent talent for diaper cake making (at the link is a cake using the same construction technique I use). I don’t know what else to say about that, really. It’s not a very compelling skill, to be honest. Hardly a resume booster.

Anyhoo, next week promises to be an altogether new array of madness, as I prep for the trip to Barcelona (leaving 5/16) and grade final story submissions from class. I’ll try to turn it out, blog-wise, for the rest of the week, at least. Something a little more compelling than this frantic, activity-based kind of an entry.


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