The ongoing battle of what to eat for dinner

New in the battle of what to eat for dinner is this site, which refreshes every time you land on it and links to recipes and gives you the option to keep searching if you don’t fucking like that, via Art Fag City. The profane qualifier perfectly captures the attitude with which I greet this question on a daily basis.

The quandary is compounded by the fact that most days, I’m also looking for something that’s of reasonable caloric content, like +/- 500 calories. I have a few dishes that meet this requirement, but many of them are meat-free, and S prefers a protein component (the nerve). He’s sick of my Israeli couscous with asparagus and pine nuts, and shot down soba with tofu last time I mentioned it. For a while, he was keen on this Panko-breaded chicken paillard with Sriracha sauce that I make, but then I got tired of it.

There’s a couple of Trader Joe’s items we’ve been getting lately that are fast and tasty, like a mushroom ravioli with beef in a light broth (freezer section) and a vegetable-stuffed flatbread thing. Actually, we tasted the latter in-store but haven’t made it yet. Maybe that’s the answer to the fucking question tonight.


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