Showing up for the muse

Went to a great salon last night on showing up for the muse with Fenton Johnson and Jane Miller. I walked away with food for thought and some grapefruit from Fenton’s backyard. So you can’t go wrong with that.

I’m not going to do justice to the conversation here because I’m under the gun in responding to stories, updating grades, washing clothes, and getting ready to tackle a project for work. So. I’ll just jot a couple things I found interesting.

Fenton, re: the journey of the artist – “the path is mysterious,” and, in some ways akin to “taking a dull machete into the woods.”

Jane, re: becoming a writer vs. the journey of a relationship: “nothing is more natural than becoming an artist” in that all of one can just come out on the page, no need to self-censor in order to keep the peace, etc. Also: “The secret of poetry is cruelty,” quoting Jon Anderson. I have no experience with what this means, but I love it.


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