It’s not TV…

Several months ago, we canceled our HBO. The decision was less about the dearth of programming (though the movie rotation is often questionable) than a function of the fact that we’re too busy to watch anything. We’re three seasons behind on Big Love, for example. Also, I guess I’m residually bitter about the way Deadwood collapsed in order to make way for John from Cincinnati (Note to self: Let it go).

I hear about shows like the animated Ricky Gervais project or Treme or The Pacific (though that’s more up S’s alley than mine) and feel a little pang of remorse for the loss of HBO and the attendant delay in DVD release that will allow us to add this stuff to our Netflix queue (never mind we’ve had the same DVD since June…at least we’re getting our money’s worth through online streaming).

At the same time, I’m relieved to be free of the tyranny of the couch. The only shows I make a point of watching are Project Runway and Top Chef. When they were on simultaneously in the fall, the pressure of organizing my evening around two shows while managing to be productive was kind of a pain in the ass.

I’m hardly one of those sanctimonious people who glorify their decision to opt out of television, and in fact I have not and will not opt out. There’s too much great stuff out there. S has been watching Justified, which I’ve caught bits of and liked. Still, it’s easier for me to turn off the TV than it is to disable the internet connection.

Talk about a productivity suck.


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