The more you spend…

I got something unbelievable in the mail last week. It was unexpected. Unprecedented, even. I may actually have squealed, involuntarily. It was a 15 percent off coupon.

I know: stupid, right?

That’s like getting something tax free with an almost-undetectable 5 percent bonus discount. From any other retailer, I would have rolled my eyes, but this? It was from Sephora.

Sephora doesn’t do coupons. Oh, sure, they have the requisite “rewards” program, which is basically just a method of convincing consumers to be voluntarily direct mailed to via email and catalog. You get a pittance discount for every bajillion dollars you spend and a choice of samples in-store. (Side note: they are so stingy with the samples in store. I’d go online, but instant gratification is a harsh mistress.)

Anyhoo. The coupon becomes active as of April 12 (tomorrow!) and I have spent the weekend plotting all my options. Should I get some kind of travel set thingy for my trip? Skincare staples? This stuff is awesome. Then there’s this. I need some more purple eyeshadow…I’m almost out. I keep buying drug store brands, but the color’s never right. But the cassis is the one I love. And come to think of it, I’m almost out of perfume as well.

Le sigh. I have got to whittle down the list and go in there with a plan. Otherwise I’ll emerge a pauper.


One response to “The more you spend…

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