More from the personification in advertising department. I’ve of course noticed these ads in print publications (see the story of my accidental subscription overload) and am suitably appalled.

But! Not at all surprised. This is hardly the first Crocs campaign to crash and burn. They had ads I think last year in all the ladymags trying to position Crocs as chic. These ads featured “elegant” swirly script and shots of the shoes on crisp white backgrounds. These ads were in Vogue for chrissakes (see haiku at left, from Fashionista). Epic fail. Why can’t these people be satisfied with the corner of the market they’ve got? Why must they keep trying to branch out?

As ugly as Crocs are, at least they’re not the Vibram Five Fingers. These shoes are so profoundly offensive to me from an aesthetic standpoint that I can hardly bear to look at them. Last year I saw a guy wearing them in Chipotle and my head almost exploded.

Jezebel recently did a roundup of the thirteen ugliest shoes in the world, and I really think that the Vibram Five Fingers takes it, hands down. But I have to ask: where are the Crocs?


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