We’ve begun watching episodes of The Inbetweeners, which has apparently been showing on BBC America since January. Unfortunately, great swathes of dialogue get the bleep treatment, though from what I can tell, most of it is just cock talk. I suppose they bleep it because the show appeals to a younger demographic; I have it on good authority (S) that the assortment of Gordon Ramsay shows that air on BBC America are completely uncensored.

Anyhoo. Last night we caught an episode in which the boys try to hook up with some girls who turn out to be 13 and 11. The 13-year-old accuses them of being “pedos,” which brings me to The Ghost Writer.

In honor of spring break, I took today and tomorrow off, so we went and caught the movie. We were both struck by the way that the film seems as if it was made in another era. S called it “stiff,” saying that it was like the actors were all asked to step to a mark and declaim. I noted particularly how the scoring seemed old school. In any case, Kim Cattrall was a strange, distracting choice, though she did have a gorgeous gray dress in one scene. S of course instantly pointed out Jim Belushi, who I didn’t recognize. Bottom line: I liked it a bit better than he did.

I tried to find the pedo clip from The Inbetweeners and failed, though this is from the same episode.


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