I have an embarrassing confession to make. Well. Not so embarrassing that I can’t bring myself to post it online, even if no one reads this blog (unless by accident).

The confession is this: through a series of seemingly-too-good-to-be-true deals, obligatory donations to fundraising children, and irresistible impulses, I have found myself subscribed to an OBSCENE number of magazines. I can’t even bring myself to name a number. Two are still coming, even though I swear the subscriptions lapsed. Two were for six months only and should lapse soon. Two were attempts to replace my beloved Domino (thank god for Nick Olsen).

…there are others. Don’t make me do a tally. A slew arrived simultaneously last week, which necessitated S wrestling them out of the mailbox. He handed them to me, stone-faced, while I did a little dance of glee.

Because I am a single-woman newsstand, I am in a position to point out an unwelcome April trend: the multi-cover magazine. This is the phenomenon in which the editors print multiple covers, behind each other, under some creative pretense that’s actually just facilitating some kind of mega-buy for a single advertiser. This month, MS Living (Showtime—also featured the Martha site), Real Simple (Buick), and Marie Claire (Loreal) all have multiple covers/primo ad spots. I think this treatment is considerably less interesting than they all seem to think it is. By virtue of my day job, I’m probably more interested in cover alts than the average chick, and even I find it tiresome. My initial reaction always goes something like this: Well, obviously they should have gone with option B.

Anyhoo, there you go. Too many magazines. There are worse vices, I suppose. And lest you, the vast internets, think less of me for it, know this: I’m also reading Wallace Stegner at the moment (albeit for class), and a girl can only take so many meditative descriptions of Saskatchewan.


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