Taste, Sensibility

Via Craftzine.com, the following video includes Ira Glass‘s interesting description of the phenomenon of the “gap,” wherein your execution of a project is unable to live up to your vision of said project. Sad. I struggle with this all the time. I think that my gap is narrowing, but it’s still there, and most prominent in my novel projects, which are still one big WTF to me – I’ve heard the process of novel-writing likened to walking blindfolded into a maze. Yeah, can’t argue with that.

The other point of interest for me here is what Glass calls taste–something that Antonya Nelson calls sensibility (scroll down here).

It’s always heartening to hear other people discuss the travails of artistic pursuit. The thing is, I really believe it’s a moving target…which is why the subtext of the interview below, wherein its suggested that Glass is “there” is so strange to me. Is there ever really a point at which a creative person has topped out? I mean, yes, clearly, when looking at the life of an artist, you could graph out his or her artistic peak. But I’d like to think of myself as continually evolving and would guess most people would feel the same. I’ll give Glass the benefit of the doubt here.


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