Another Flashback

I was in Target recently when I saw something startling on the clearance rack: Designer Imposters! Who knew they still made this stuff? And who knew there was still someone out there who wants to smell like Giorgio?

…well. Seven bucks on the clearance aisle suggests that no one is really interested in smelling like Giorgio. They’ve probably moved on to Armani Code, Gió, Diamonds, or the variants thereof, which are available at Sephora. The funniest thing, though, is that the Giorgio eau de toilette spray is available for just fourteen bucks on some discount perfume site. So if there’s someone out there who’s still clinging to Giorgio as a signature scent, she no longer has to settle for the imposter version.

It’s possible that they were around before, but it seems to me that Designer Imposters came onto the market in a big way when I was in junior high. Perhaps before then I was generally unaware of scent. But I recall that my sister was keen on Giorgio and had the Designer Imposter version (so in honor of her, I busted into one of the boxes at Target; it smelled cheap and floral and headache-inducing—come to think of it, she always did have issues with migraines).

I recall owning the Designer Imposter version of Dior Poison (which I can’t recall the fake name for) (also: this was in addition to my seventh grade go-to, Electric Youth). And you know what? A few months ago when I was in Sephora, I tried out one of the newer incarnations of Poison, and damned if I don’t still like it! The more things change, the more they stay the same.


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