What’s up with Docs?

Not complaining, but I feel all of a sudden as if I am living in the 90s again. Over a couple-day period, Jezebel’s Snap Judgment section has been overrun with Doc Martens. The first was this chick (who’s basically wearing my circa-1993 uniform) with Demi Moore. Then came Dakota Fanning and Agness Deyn. Docs: having another moment.

I got my first pair when I was in high school, I think between my freshman and sophomore years. We’d been visiting my brother, and made a trip to the garment district in LA, which was considerably less exciting than I thought it would be. Babysitting money didn’t go much farther there than at the mall, a crushing blow, but I got over it via the purchase of my Docs. They were just standard black eight-eye in smooth leather, and, at about $100, the most expensive shoes I’d ever bought. A couple years after that, I picked up a brand new pair in brown suede at a thrift store called Abe’s for five bucks.

Sometime in the fall, I crossed a line, age-wise. The trends that were a part of my youth are back. Now I feel like I can see a spiral of sartorial styles that loop back in time – today’s boyfriend blazer is an update of the standard-issue boxy, shoulder-padded model of the 80s, which is an update in turn of the sharp-shouldered version of the 40s.

This perspective is useful. For example, once I saw the boyfriend blazer cropping up in magazines and catalogs, I got me to the Goodwill, where I picked up a vintage 80s version for six bucks. I just wore that bad boy the other day, with my skinny jeans and booties.


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