And now back to our regular programming

Where have I gone? Is my blog dead? The masses are clamoring to know: I can tell, because my dashboard stats reveal a whopping one or two visits to the blog per day. And these are probably my own self, on a different machine.

I have been blogging now since December, so +/- three months. I thought when I began that the blog would be a cultural journal of sorts. And by journal, I mean synonym for diary. It’s a very inward-looking project at this point, which, coupled with the fact that I have done nothing to build community with like-minded people, means that it’s not especially interesting to anyone but me. Hell, even my husband doesn’t read it (although in his defense, he’s pretty busy).

This week, I took a week-long hiatus from posting while attempting to dig myself out of a massive, self-induced backlog of teaching paperwork. For some reason, it seemed like it’d be a good idea for me to have the class conduct small-group story workshops all in one day. Of course, I planned to provide my own feedback as well, which necessitated reading and responding to 20 stories in a week. Insanity, yes, but also successfully completed! Much relief.

One thing I have noticed is that I seem to have trained myself into blog-think. Now everything seems like a potential blog topic to me. So there’s no shortage of material…and now I’m back to the Sunday-Tuesday-Thursday posting schedule.

Final thought:

The new Gorillaz song: faintly reminiscent of The Safety Dance?


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