Want vs. need

The inevitable has occurred: the owners of the house I’ve been watching are getting ready to put it on the market. They emailed me to give me a heads up because they are awesome, but, like the man said, you can’t always get what you want.

Want = big old Spanish-style project house with 6-burner Viking double-oven range

Need = a place to live

The need has been met. There’s nothing wrong with our little bungalow, either. It’s like three projects away from perfection. Maybe that’s the problem: I can see the end of the renovation phase and I’ve got early-onset boredom. Of course there is another problem, aka size. Sometimes I feel like I’m living in Banjo’s armpit. [sigh] I guess there are worse things to smell like than corn chips.

Anyhoo, want vs. need.

Gaultier recently described to a journalist with the Telegraph how he tried to put his cat in a corset: “‘Do you know that cats can’t wear corsets?’ He giggles a little. ‘Do you ‘ave a cat?’ I tell him I do. ‘Have you ever tied something round his middle?’ I tell him I haven’t. ‘They can’t stand!’ he says. ‘Not at all! They just fall over. I know because I tried!'” [via Jezebel] So. Gaultier may want a stylish cat, but no dice.

[Unrelated aside: I recently saw a floral halter dress from Gaultier’s Target diffusion line in a magazine. WTF? Maybe it’s great in person, but not so much in print.]

We used to have a particularly bold kitten, Kingsley, who died young of feline leukemia. I once tried to indulge his wanderlust by leash training him. Epic. Fail. He didn’t tumble over when I put him in the harness, but because I steered him into it headfirst, he was convinced that he could step out of it, tail first. We laughed at our backwards-walking kitten briefly, then felt like assholes and removed the harness.

No doubt that thing is still kicking around the house somewhere, a want that we didn’t need.


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