A head like an f*cking orange

We had a long drive this weekend, and, in an attempt to maximize time visiting with family, we left late on Friday and came back early on Sunday. Both trips involved considerable amounts of coffee, but coffee alone is not enough to keep me alert.

We downloaded an audio version of Game Change, which seemed like the perfect kind of dishy trash to keep one alert.  S was not too enthusiastic about it, and tempted me with a slew of Ricky Gervais podcasts we haven’t heard – the “Guide to…” series. It is awesome. We listened to the ones on philosophy, law, Englishness, and the human body. I think there was another in the mix too, but I have forgotten. Of course in this post I’ve given Ricky Gervais top billing, but I love Stephen Merchant and Karl Pilkington is an amazing cipher. We temporarily canceled our HBO because we’re just too busy to get our money’s worth, so we’re going to have to catch up with the animated show down the line.

Ricky Gervais is a polarizing, love/hate sort of comedian, or rather, a love/don’t get comedian. Though, come to think of it, isn’t that a hallmark of effective comedic personalities? What could possibly be more damning to someone who’s trying to be funny than indifference? I think if I were a comedian, I’d prefer the hatred. At least then you know you’re touching a nerve.


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